A veto of sorts

When I started this, one of the rules I made up was that I wasn't going to copy/paste panels. I've had decided to retract that. Ideally, I wouldn't copy/paste anything, but I sort of had to come to terms and accept that sometimes it's just a practical, time management necessity.

I'm still gonna try to keep copying to a minimum though. Notice I didn't copy the entire panel and just paste different faces.

Drawing Table Tuesday

I drew this panel, but didn't like it. It's way too static and undynamic (I.e., blah). I took a picture, erased it all, and redrew it. Definitely turned out better the second time.
This is a pretty good example of why I try not to draw when I'm sleepy or unfocused (or at least, why I don't like to). If I just try to power through a page, chances are it'll turn out crappy and I'll just have to redraw it later (sort of a double waste of time). Sometimes you need some sleep, sometimes you just need a fifteen minute break, a deep breath, and a big eraser.

This is also a good example of why I use the paper I do. It's expensive, but it'll take a serious, merciless beating with an eraser without falling apart, so much so that I've never had trouble inking over a spot that's had some pretty massive erasure.


The dialogue in the book was tricky. I think the "writing" (/sarcasm) sort of reflects the drawing. I think it was pretty deliberate, but basically I tried to keep the dialogue pretty sparse and only include what was absolutely necessary to know what was going on and what was happening.

I tried not to meander much, but the book does get more word heavy the further it goes.

I've noticed a few interesting things now that I'm sitting here staring at the real pages now. When it's finished, I might write about them (note to self: that means I need to take notes along the way).

Sort of, I don't know... ghost in the machine stuff. Unintended connections, coincidences and stuff. Allegories maybe.